Broken Paintbrush

Broken Paintbrush
 is a story about balancing responsibilities with your passions, and the struggles that come along with your consequences. In a way, I reflected much of my own life while designing this story with Alyssa DeStefano. While artwork was the only thing I was ever passionate about, there was and always will be something in my life that will make that challenging, and sometimes it all comes from the things we do every single day. I designed the composition to read as a curve, as a symbol of life’s never-ending circle.

Credits & Sponsors:

  • Aakaash Bali (Still Artwork)
  • Alyssa DeStefano (Model)
  • Joseph DeStefano (Grip)
  • Aaqil Khoja (Grip)


Sponsored By Nanlite USA, PMI Gear, Infinite Tools.

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Lighting Diagram

Behind the Scenes

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