White Lies

White Lies is a set of three produced stills exploring some of the common lies we’re led to believe. With the recent loss of my father, this set was created almost as a response to that. Much of my life began to change meaning, and many old memories have presented themselves since. There are many things I now wish I didn’t do, and many things I wish I didn’t believe.

“End Of The Line” 

“You Said You’d Never Leave” 

“Night School” 

The series was lit with the Elinchrom ONE portable strobe unit, with “End Of The Line” being lit with an added ELB500 dual-head flash setup. Much of this production was to test how efficiently we could setup and breakdown lighting, so lightweight and fast equipment was necessary.

Credits & Sponsors:
Concept & Stills: Aakaash Bali
BTS: Abe Bello
Grip: Aaqil Khoja
Starring Michael J. Fusco

Sponsored by Elinchrom

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Behind the Scenes

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