Safe Zone

Safe Zone is a story about comfort, finding it, and living in it. Growing up, I kept to myself. I spent time watching TV instead of finding friends, because it felt comforting and calm. This piece was designed around that feeling, calm. There is a certain magic to being alone that I wanted to achieve. It was designed to be a simple, relatable “feeling”, with an ounce of danger and fear of the darkness around us.

For this production, we located a functional vintage television set, and dollied it into the forest. We used atmosphere spray for light smoke around the television. The project was lit with a single softbox. This carried over to our short as well, along with an original score.

Credits & Sponsors:
Aakaash Bali (Still Artwork)
Abe Bello (Cinematography)
Christian Ladigoski (Original Score)
Starring Dani Goodwin

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