The Arrival

The Arrival is a story about documenting the things that make you curious, despite the dangers that might come with it. It was meant to demonstrate the grit and determination of artists, doing whatever is necessary to get the shot. This piece was also my final piece of 2020, while the Coronavirus pandemic was still a force to be reckoned with, much like the energy inside this piece. The geometry is bent, and begins to swirl, much like time in a black hole.

2020 felt like a black hole.

The concept was produced in Long Island, NY, using three gelled Elinchrom lights to illuminate the area, as well as to place motivated light for the CGI that followed after. The orb and geometry were painted by hand, with a little subtle referencing using Cinema 4D.

Credits & Sponsors:
Still Artwork: Aakaash Bali
Grip: Spencer Humphrey
Starring Isabel Flemming

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