Violent Confrontation

Violent Confrontation is a story about facing your fears, and taking on difficult challenges head-on. Staring into the eye of a tornado is a metaphor for much of life, and standing there without running is a metaphor for bravery. This was an earlier conceptual piece. At the time of production, my life felt much like this scene. That led to it becoming real.

This piece is a mix of photography and digital painting. The original frame was captured with a large outdoor light, combined with a leaf blower. The tornado took about two weeks of painting and refining before it was completed.

This piece was part of a larger production day, and my second tornado painting.

Credits & Sponsors:
Still Artwork: Aakaash Bali
Cinematography: Baptiste Carrara
BTS Reel: Abe Bello
Grips: Emily Nelson, Tim Kohn
Starring Liana Riccardi

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