Curiosity is a story inspired by the Netflix Original “Stranger Things”. Being one of my favorite shows, I was inspired to create my version of the “upside down”, and this was the result. It speaks of youthful innocence, bravery, and ambition to know, learn, and explore. The production for this piece involved much of that youthful drive.

We produced this in Long Island, NY, on a very cold, snowy evening. We setup three gelled strobes, just about in the dark to setup the scene. Two were colored accessory/ambient lights, and one acted as a high moonlight. To this day, the memory of the cold still haunts me each winter.

Credits & Sponsors:
Still Artwork: Aakaash Bali
Grips: Abe Bello, Aaqil Khoja, Matt Bell
Motion Graphics: Baptiste Carrara
Starring Isabel Flemming

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