Runaways is a nostalgic story about running away from home, leaving your hometown, and just wanting some freedom of your own. It is built from memories of jumping out of windows, to Jansport backpacks, sneakers on powerlines, and dirt roads. Days I remember, and days I miss, but days that I think are gone now. This concept was built around the simple message to keep your memories close.

We produced this set in Long Island, NY, on two warm summer evenings at the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic. A set about running away, when we all really just couldn’t. The short film was designed to feel like a night at the arcade, or taking home a rental from Blockbuster. It was designed to feel like being human, before we became part smartphone. 90s kids get it.

The set was lit using Elinchrom lighting equipment and natural light.

Credits & Sponsors:
Original Concept & Still Photography: Aakaash Bali
Starring: Katie Masters
Cinematography: Abriel Bello
Production Assistant: Aaqil Khoja
Post-Production Assistant: Ahish Bohd

Sponsored by Elinchrom

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Behind the Scenes

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