Starlight is a story about aviation, and a woman’s first solo flight at nighttime, in her father’s plane. Much of this was inspired by my first car, one that I shared with my dad. The plane belongs to the model’s father, my friend Ed Nelson. This story was meant to feel like an adventure, and leave you wanting to adventure on your own.
The set was produced in Long Island, NY. It was lit using both continuous light from Nanlite USA, two strobe units from Elinchrom, and four small RGB panels strategically placed inside the aircraft. We ran on-set power from a generator, and the final frame was captured ten minutes before dark.
Credits & Sponsors:
Aakaash Bali (Still Artwork)
Abe Bello (BTS & Grip)
Matt Bell (BTS & Grip)
Starring Emily Nelson, Ed Nelson
Sponsored By Nanlite USA, Elinchrom.

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Behind the Scenes

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