Far From Home

Far From Home is a story about our inner and outer voices, and how they battle each other when things become stressful. It is a take on “good and evil”, with synchrony, loneliness and desolation, and emotional color. The concept was built on the awareness of modern mental health, and a reminder that we all fight invisible wars on the inside.

The set was produced at The Mac Arthur Inn in Long Island, NY. The crew blocked out a specific room, close to an outdoor hallway for lighting and ambience reasons. The majority of the set was shot overnight, with one friendly visit from a police officer, wondering what we were doing. We used four Elinchrom lights with Snaplux modifiers to illuminate the story, to ensure smooth and even falloff and control.

The short film was produced simultaneously with the stills, as a bridge between the two. We also made an original score, so you can feel it in your soul.

Credits & Sponsors:
Original Concept & Still Photography: Aakaash Bali
Woman In Red: Emily Nelson
Woman In White: Caitlin Davidson
Director of Photography & Editing: Abe Bello
Colorist: Paul Del Vecchio
Original Score & Sound Design: Christian Ladigoski
Grip, BTS & AC: Matt Bell

Sponsored By Elinchrom LTD, The Mac Arthur Inn.

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Behind the Scenes

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